"The Lab" - Episode 1, featuring the Epoch System



I’ve got a top team here. I’ve got a great team here. We’re a top DNA lab because we run thousands of samples a day. You know, every scientist here will tell you the same thing.

I’m a great boss. I’m also a scientist. I know what they face each day so I keep it interesting. Like last year, we developed a new Holographic Disco.

We were the first lab to clone and train a live bear to assist our scientists.

Hey Joe. 

Morning Carl.

This is a great place to do research. Although...

Working next to Ellen can be a little tense sometimes.

2 months and I’m gone.

It’s nothing personal. I’m just better than everybody here.

Today is a great day, because we have a very special guest. Our rep from BioTek is here to show us their latest innovation, The Epoch. That’s this baby right here.

The staff loves it when the rep visits. Last time, someone said it was like being reborn or something.

I’m pretty sure I said, I wish I was never born. But that wasn’t during the rep visit. It was during the holiday party when boss man decided to dance shirtless.

Ok. I’m here. You can start now.

I’d like to introduce you to Epoch.

It’s just so beautiful.

Where’s the rest of it?

This is it. Small footprint. Powerful system.

It’s the Epoch Multi-Volume Spectrophotometer System and there’s a lot to be excited about. First, it lets you measure up to 16 different 2 µL samples at a time.


Big deal. I can do that now. Pipette, wipe. Pipette, wipe. I got it down already. What do I need this for?

Flexibility. Besides being able to quantify multiple 2 µl DNA or RNA samples all at once, the Take3 plate also lets you measure samples in standard cuvettes or in a BioCell.

My machine does spectral scanning. We use that for a lot of the assays here. Bet this can’t do that.

Actually it can. You can scan samples in the Take3 microspots, or in a cuvette or BioCell ... or in a microplate.

Wait. We can read our microplate-based assays with this too?

Absolutely. BioTek is 100% focused on microplate Instrumentation. We are experts in microplate based technology.  It’s the foundation of all of our instrumentation.  

Is it easy? Cleaning the plate and the using the software? We have to keep it really, really easy.

It’s more than just easy. It’s reliable, fully supported, and because Epoch is monochromator based it’s incredibly convenient and powerful – you don’t need to worry about filters!  

This sounds expensive. We can’t fit this in the budget.

The price is the best part. And the savings stretch beyond the price of the machine. You save space. You save on reagents because we shrank the sample size to the lowest possible volume..you don’t have to dilute! And when you run multiple assays at once, you’re going to save time. Just think about what you’re going to get done with the new Epoch System.

My team thought of me as a great boss before. But now that I purchased the Epoch System for the lab, I think they see me as a visionary or a super hero. Pretty much, the greatest person ever. I don’t know what their lives would be like without me.

Absolutely love the Epoch.

Let’s just say your results have to go through me now.