Agilent BioTek Synergy H1 Multimode Reader


Today's researchers expect multimode microplate readers to cover the broadest possible range of applications while being sensitive and easy to use. With its patented combination of monochromator and filter optics, Synergy H1 is an advanced plate reader that delivers both the flexibility and performance you need for many microplate assays in your lab.

Synergy H1 is a modular, upgradable system that allows expansion as your laboratory's needs change. Filter-based optics enable fast, sensitive, ratiometric measurements for fluorescence polarization, and time-resolved fluorescence assays. The quad monochromator optics offer variable bandwidth settings between nine nanometers and 50 nanometers in one nanometer increments. Wide bandwidth settings provide increased sensitivity and superior limits of detection. Narrow bandwidth settings provide increased specificity when multiple signals are present in multiplexing applications, reducing signal crosstalk and enhancing assay performance. The automated z-focus adjustment finds the best measurement position based on the selected microplate, providing excellent performance with many plate types across a broad volume range. Once the optimal z-height is determined, the entire plate is scanned.

Many multimode readers have a dynamic range limited to five logs. Synergy H1 extends the dynamic range to seven logs without compromising performance at the low end and without saturating the signal at the high end. A CO2/O2 gas controller creates the ideal environment for live cells, allowing researchers to gather real-time, live cell data to obtain deeper biological insights into their cell assay models. And BioTek's four zone incubation provides consistent heating to 70 degrees Celsius without lid condensation, increasing its range for high temperature applications. Multimode shaking ensures uniform results across the plate.

The dual reagent injector module automates inject and read assays with angled tip or straight tip options. Angled tips won't disturb cell layers for assays, such as calcium kinetics and straight tips provide vigorous mixing for rapid inject read assays. Enable micro-volume, nucleic acid and protein analysis with the Synergy H1 using the Take3 plate. Measure up to 16 or 48 samples in one run and save a lot of time compared to single sample devices. Synergy H1 is simple to use, compact and versatile. It's modular design makes upgrading to more advanced detection modes easy. It's the choice for flexibility and performance.