Agilent BioTek Synergy Neo2 Hybrid Multimode Reader - Designed for the Screening Laboratory With Speed and Ultra-high Performance


Today’s screening laboratories need high-performance, fully featured and flexible multi-detection readers for high throughput, biochemical and cell-based assay workflows. Synergy Neo2 meets these needs and more.

With its combination of monochromator and filter optics, Synergy Neo2 is designed for the screening laboratory, delivering both the flexibility and performance you need for a broad range of microplate assays.

The quad monochromator optical design offers variable bandwidth settings between 3 nanometers and 50 nanometers, in 1 nanometer increments. Wide bandwidth settings provide increased sensitivity and superior limits of detection. Narrow bandwidth settings provide increased specificity when multiple signals are present in multiplexing applications, reducing signal crosstalk and enhancing assay performance.
For assays that require ratiometric measurements, such as fluores¬cence polarization, FRET and TR-FRET, a dual PMT system provides blazing fast throughput. Two emission signals are captured simulta¬neously, effectively doubling the measurement speed.

In addition to the standard Xenon lamp in Synergy Neo2, dedi¬cated laser-based optical systems provide increased sensitivity and fast measurements for TRF and Alpha assays helping to generate larger assay windows and better assay z-primes.

Where automation is required, BioStack Neo is BioTek’s fastest plate server. Its dual plate carrier helps process plates quickly, lead¬ing to significant time savings, especially when those savings are compounded over multiple plates.

A gas controller for CO2 and O2 creates the ideal environment for live cells, allowing researchers to gather real-time live cell data to obtain deeper biological insights into their cell assay models.

And BioTek’s 4-zone incubation provides consistent heating to 70 degrees Celsius without lid condensation, increasing its range for high temperature applications.

Synergy Neo2 acts as a micro-volume analysis system, when the Take3 or Take3 Trio plates are used. Using only 2 microliters each, run 16 or 48 samples at a time, saving considerable time compared to sin¬gle-sample devices.

BioTek’s Gen5 software is easy to use and versatile. It controls all functions of Synergy Neo2, and enables extensive data analysis and graphing capabilities. Automated export routines allow easy integra¬tion into laboratory information management systems. The available Gen5 Secure software offers features required for compliance to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 or other GxP requirements. Synergy Neo2 offers unsurpassed speed, applications flexibility and performance for all multimode protocols in a wide range of micro¬plates. Learn more about how the powerful features in Synergy Neo2 can help at your laboratory.