MultiFlo FX Microplate Dispenser with RAD technology

MultiFlo™ FX is an automated multi-mode reagent dispenser for 6- to 1536-well microplates, offering Parallel Dispense™ technology - peristaltic and/or syringe pumps dispense as low as 500 nL. Optional RAD™ (Random Access Dispense) or wash modules add functionality. A fully configured MultiFlo FX can replace up to five liquid handlers.


Take microplate dispensing to another level with BioTek’s new MultiFlo FX with RAD technology. This advanced multi-mode reagent dispenser automates your processes, conserves reagents, saves precious benchtop space and money, and provides a modern touch screen user interface. MultiFlo FX offers unique modules that can expand its capabilities for future growth.

MultiFlo FX can replace multiple instruments - it is configurable with up to four independent dispensers  and a washer.  Its unique Parallel Dispense technology offers a choice of peristaltic or syringe pumps for the perfect balance in reagent conservation and accuracy to meet all assay requirements and prevent carryover in 6- to 1536-well plates, microtubes and PCR trays.

The new RAD single channel dispense module provides flexible experiment design with its rapid dispensing of variable volumes to discrete wells of a 48-,96- or 384-well plates. The low prime volume and low dead volume of the single channel cassette helps to further reduce assay costs, saving up to 34% over multi-channel dispensing of valuable reagents. Adding even more versatility to the system, the unique 8-to-1 RAD cassette rapidly fills 6- to 24-well plates – the angled tip chute directs the high volume flow to the side of the well, and together  with the tip tracking movement keeps sensitive cell layers intact during the dispense.

The optional wash module can be used with 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96 and 384-well plates. This combined dispensing and washing workstation works with loosely adherent cell monolayers, robust ELISAs and even magnetic bead assays – along with many other applications that require precision, speed and versatile liquid handling.

MultiFlo FX has powerful on-board software accessed from a large, color touch screen display. Pre-defined protocols are available from the easy-to-navigate menu, and two integrated USB ports make file transfer and storage quick and easy. For additional software flexibility and 21CFR Part 11 compliance, BioTek’s LHC pc software is available.

To automate sensitive cell-based assays, the BioStack 4 microplate stacker can handle lidded plates, de-lidding them for dispense or wash processes. MultiFlo FX is easily integrated into many robotic workstations, providing the throughput of up to five instruments in one simple, compact platform.

With configurations available to meet the unique requirements of any life science laboratory, the new MultiFlo FX Multi-Mode dispenser  is a must for  your laboratory. "Think Possible" with BioTek’s MultiFlo FX.


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