Agilent BioTek LogPhase 600 Microbiology Reader – Shaking Designed for Microbial Growth



The LogPhase 600 Microbiology Reader is a 4-plate absorbance microplate reader specifically engineered for the demands of continuous, long term microbial growth assays. Its exceptional shaking performance delivers the most consistent, reliable growth conditions for microbial growth assays on the market.

Microbial growth assays require constant shaking in order to suspend cells throughout the medium. But this can quickly burn out motors that haven’t been designed for non-stop operation.

In order to guarantee the LogPhase 600’s long-lasting reliability, 12 units were tested.

For 15 months the units run were run continuously, reproducing real-world stop-start working conditions.

There were ZERO failures.

All motors were disassembled and the parts were independently analyzed. All components were found to be in excellent operating condition.
The LogPhase 600 is precision engineered with the highest quality components for proven long term durability and reliability. You can count on it.