Agilent BioTek LogPhase 600 Microbiology Reader – How to Set Up and Run the LogPhase 600 App




Hello and welcome to BioTek's LogPhase 600 App. This application is designed as an easy to use interface for the control of the LogPhase 600 instrument and includes an integrated data analysis tool designed specifically for microbial growth analysis. Launching the LogPhase 600 App generates a new blank template.


To navigate to previously generated data or to import previous settings, use the menu in the upper left hand corner. Use the menus on the left to set up your experiment. You can set the assay temperature, the shake speed, assay duration and the measurement interval. You can also select from one to four plates to be read. For most assays using the recommended 150 microliter volume, you want to select the 800 RPM speed.

For assays where shaking is not required, shaking is easily turned off. Once you have your parameters set, you'll want to load your plates in the instrument and close the lid. You can press the Start Assay button, confirm that the plates had been loaded and the lid closed, enter a file name and start the assay.

Once the run is started, a minimum of 15 reads are required before the app will report any data analysis. If the lid is open during an active read step, the data from that read will be disregarded, but the assay will continue.

While conducting a microbial growth analysis on the LogPhase 600, you can either let the assay run to completion, or you can use the Stop button in the top right to stop the assay short of the full run. As noted earlier, as long as a minimum 15 read steps have been completed, the app will report the data transformations. As a best practice, you'll want the microbial growth to reach the stationary phase where the OD readings have plateaued.

If you're not sure how long to run the assay, you should select a time that is longer than you anticipate it will take to reach the stationary phase. You can always stop the assay once the growth has plateaued. After the run is complete, you can export the data as an Excel or a text file in the Data Export menu. The Excel file includes the formatted of data from the results data tab, as well as the raw OD data. The text file includes the raw OD data as a tab delimited file. You are also able to export the growth curves. Similar to viewing the growth curves during a run, you select the curves you would like to view or export, press the Display Curves button to view them or the Export Curves to export them.

Thank you for watching this introduction to the LogPhase 600 App. If you have any questions about this application or any other BioTek product, please contact our Technical Assistance Center, using the information listed.