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Live Cell Imaging and Analysis with Lionheart FX

Learn how the Lionheart FX Automated Live Cell Imager’s integrated design and environmental controls make it ideally suited for short and long-term kinetic live cell applications.



The compact Lionheart FX is optimized for kinetic live cell imaging, avoiding the complex setup, configurations and training typically seen with traditional microscopes.

The environmental control cover provides temperature control and gas containment when used with the gas controller.

For long term live cell imaging, a unique humidity control chamber allows time lapse imaging with the samples completely enclosed in a stable environment.

Lionheart FX is compatible with microplates, cell culture dishes, slides and other labware to suit a broad range of live cell assays.

The dual reagent injectors allow the capture of rapidly changing cellular activities and long-term cellular responses after reagent injection.

Gen5 software controls Lionheart FX for image capture and offers powerful image analysis and processing tools for live cell assays, including wound healing, cytotoxicity, proliferation, label-free cell counting, confluency and many others.

Lionheart’s integrated design and environmental controls make it ideally suited for short and long term kinetic live cell applications. Powerful image analysis and a built in movie maker in Gen5 software complete this compact live-cell microscopy system.

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