Introduction to Agilent BioTek Gen5 Image Analysis Capabilities



Hi, I'm Diane Kambach and I manage the Field Application Scientist team for the BioTek product line at Agilent Technologies.

Gen5 is a powerful and versatile software package that drives data and image acquisition, processing, and analysis for BioTek's readers and imagers.

For novice users predefined protocols can be started with a single button while advanced users have deep control over parameters governing every aspect of their experiment and analysis. Importantly, all users can trust the data generated as nothing is done to an image before a user sees it on the screen.

Raw images are retained and accessible and all samples in the experiment are treated equally. True to life, a bad sample will result in a bad image, but our global Field Application Scientists can help you optimize every aspect of your experimental design and sample prep for reliably trust for the results and publication quality images and data. The flexibility in our software platform mirrors the modularity of our hardware, allowing you, our customers to create the product that best works for your laboratory.

Protocol building begins with live visualization in manual mode and small scale application of processing and analysis steps to a few images prior to applying your full capture, process, analyze workflows to your entire sample set, whether it is a pair of slides or a stack of 1536 well plates. Tools within the analysis window allow you to customize your readout and metrics and make decisions visually or guided by scatterplots or histograms.

After evaluating and testing your chosen analysis on selected wells, the entire process from capture to graphs can be applied to your entire experiments.

Additional pan-experimental analyses, such as calculations of Z' or EC50, or outlier exclusion can be applied and images and data exported directly into Excel or customized reports. Designing a new analysis, particularly in a software program that's new to, you can be intimidating, but with visual feedback of your analysis choices in Gen5 and backed by the support of your PhD level Field Application Scientist, a reliable protocol is within reach and can be easily applied to future experiments.

Thanks for watching this introduction to Gen5's image analysis capabilities.

Please reach out to your local representative for further details on how Gen5 can be tailored to your research needs.