Thomas Lampert, Ph.D. M.B.A.

Field Applications Scientist

Tom Lampert is a BioTek Field Applications Scientist. His background in signal transduction and cellular motility allows him to help customers achieve their research goals.  Hear how he helped develop an invasion assay for a lab’s new Lionheart Automated Microscope.  They were able to show exact actin-based invasion into a collagen substrate and strong reproducible and automated quantification.


My name is Tom Lampert and I'm a field applications scientist at BioTek.

My goal as your scientific consultant is to use my expertise to help you achieve your research goals with BioTek's instruments and software. 

In the field my favorite time to work with a customer is when there's a strong synergy between my background in signal transduction and cellular mobility the customer's precise needs and BioTek's products. One example of this synergy that comes to mind is my work with a lab at Stony Brook University. This lab purchased a Lionheart Automated Microscope and I worked closely with them to help develop an invasion assay. We were not only able to show exact acting based invasion into a collagen substrate but show strong, reproducible and automated quantification.

I'm Tom Lampert and I help move your science forward faster.


BioTek’s Field Applications Scientists can help move your science forward…faster!


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