Sarah Guadiana, Ph.D.

Field Applications Scientist

Sarah Guadiana is a BioTek Field Applications Scientist. Hear how her background in neuroscience helped a microscopy core facility using BioTek’s Cytation 5 with their neurite outgrowth and phenotypic assay. With Sarah’s help with both the biology and the instrument they were able to quickly image a whole plate and get beautiful, publication-ready data.


My name is Sarah Guadiana and I'm a field applications scientist at BioTek.

My goal as your scientific consultant is to use my expertise to help you achieve your research goals with BioTek's instruments and software. 

My background is in neuroscience and one of my favorite customer experiences involves the neuroscience lab in a microscopy core facility that uses our Cytation 5. The customer was really struggling to find some staining to do his neurite outgrowth and phenotypic assay. After sending him a few options, he called me to say he still really needed some help so I went to the lab and helped him optimize the staining on the bench. We were then able to quickly image his whole plate with a Cytation and get beautiful data. He was so happy that I was able to help him both with the biology and the instrument and he was finally able to publish the data shortly thereafter.

I'm Sarah Guadiana and I help move your science forward faster.


BioTek’s Field Applications Scientists can help move your science forward…faster!


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