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Introducing the Epoch 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer

Epoch™ 2 is a UV-Vis microplate spectrophotometer. Epoch 2 is available with a color touchscreen interface and onboard Gen5 software. Incubation, shaking and robot compatibility are standard.


Today, researchers expect their microplate reader to cover a broad range of applications, to be accurate, and easy to use. BioTek’s Epoch 2 is a microplate spectrophotometer specifically designed to meet these requirements and facilitate your workflow.  It’s ideally suited for DNA and RNA quantification and protein purity assays, enzyme and kinetic assays, immunoassays, cell proliferation and cytotoxicity assays.

  • DNA and RNA Quantification
  • protein purity assays
  • Enzyme and Kinetic Assays
  • Immunoassays
  • Cell Proliferation Assays
  • Cytotoxicity Assays

Epoch 2 provides fast UV-Vis measurements in 6 to 384 well microplates with its 200 to 999 nm wavelength range. Simply select any wavelength in 1 nm increments for single, dual, multi-wavelength measurements. Or, measure up to 48 2 µl samples with the Take3 or Take3 Trio plate, for fast, cost-effective direct nucleic acid and protein quantification. An optional cuvette port makes standard 1 cm measurements quick and easy. 

The large color touch screen available with Epoch 2 offers easy access to the intuitive, full function Gen5TS software for complete reader control and data analysis. Endpoint, kinetic, spectral scanning and well area scanning are all easily programmed in Gen5, while the powerful data analysis options include multiple curve fits from linear to 5-parameter, control validations and cutoff calculations. Several data output options are available, including file export to a flash drive, WiFi capable networking, or printing to USB or Bluetooth printers. Epoch 2 is also available without a touch screen,  for computer control with Gen5 software on a notebook or desktop pc.

For assays that require precise temperature control, its 4-Zone incubation up to 65 °C offers great uniformity across the plate and has a unique condensation control mode that’s useful for long term incubated kinetics runs with lidded plates. 

Programmable linear, orbital, and double orbital shaking profiles provide additional flexibility.

To build even more efficiencies into your workflow, Epoch 2's compact footprint makes it readily compatible with BioStack and third party automation.

With its unique feature set and ease of use, Epoch 2 has everything your lab needs for productivity, efficiency and application versatility.

  • 2 µL micro-volume samples and 6- to 384- well plates
  • Large color touch screen
  • Full onboard data analysis
  • Advanced incubator design
  • Advanced shaking profiles