Agilent BioTek Cytation 1 Cell Imaging Multimode Reader Combines Fluorescence and High Contrast Brightfield Imaging With Conventional Multimode Detection

Combining quantitative microscopy and multi-mode detection into one compact unit, Cytation 1 is an affordable solution for a wide range of live and fixed cell, and traditional biochemical applications.


The recent surge in cell-based assay procedures offers researchers a deeper understanding of cellular functions. These complex workflows often require use of a core lab facility or expensive microscopy and detection systems that are unattainable for some budgets.

BioTek solves this problem with Cytation 1, bringing quantitative digital microscopy and multi-mode detection together in one affordable, compact design.

This patented combination of imaging and multi-mode detection enables a wide range of applications including cell proliferation & cytotoxicity, signal transduction, food and beverage safety and micro-volume nucleic acid quantification.

Cytation 1’s imaging system offers fluorescence and high contrast brightfield imaging in a 1.25x to 60x magnification range, allowing users to capture large regions of interest and explore intracellular details.

All users will appreciate the efficiency that Cytation 1 brings to their workflows. With automated XY stage, auto focus, exposure and LED intensity, image acquisition for both fixed and live cell assays couldn’t be easier.

Using Augmented Microscopy, Gen5 software integrates typical microscopy steps, automating image capture, processing, and analysis to provide publication-ready images and data. Gen5 efficiently guides scientists through the entire process.

To Support live cell assays, Cytation 1 has temperature control, linear and orbital shaking. A gas controller is available to regulate CO2 and O2 levels in the system for maintaining cell health and morphology during real-time kinetic analysis.

Analyze cell-specific and time-dependent biological activity with the dual reagent injector. Quick “inject and image” capabilities enable kinetic reactions such as calcium uptake assays.

The Cytation 1 is versatile and upgradeable: begin with the microscopy module and add fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance detection when your laboratory’s requirements change. Modules can be added at any time.

BioTek’s Cytation 1 offers excellent performance in both imaging and multi-mode detection at an affordable price.


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