Agilent BioTek Cytation Cell Imaging Multimode Microplate Readers: Ready For Any Assay

BioTek’s Cytation Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Readers are the most advanced microplate readers on the market, delivering performance, versatility and reliability in a unique, patented design. Cytation combines automated digital upright and inverted widefield microscopy with multi-mode detection to capture both quantitative data and phenotypic information on a single platform. Cytation’s modularity and upgradability provides the ability to expand the system as your laboratory’s applications increase. Cytation is truly ready for any assay.


BioTek Cytation Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Readers are the most advanced readers on the market delivering performance, versatility, and reliability in a unique patented design.

Cytation combines automated microscopy with multi-mode detection to capture both quantitative data and phenotypic information on a single platform. Cytation's modularity, and upgradability provide for system expansion as your laboratory's applications increase. Cytation is truly ready for any assay.
Cytation's inverted microscope has a 1.25x to 60x objective range enabling image capture for a wide variety of applications from whole organism imaging to intracellular analysis. The upright microscope expands the application range to Region of Interest or ROI identification and ELISpot assays. Cytation's temperature control, gas control and shaking, provide the ideal environment for kinetic live cell imaging.

Cytation and BioTek's Gen5™ software work together seamlessly to create a unique user-friendly microscopy experience with automated imaging capture and powerful image processing and analysis - all in a single compact system.

Gen5's exceptional processing capabilities include z-stacking to facilitate 3D cell structure analysis - captured z-stacks are automatically z-projected with a single click. Z-projection enables a fully focused view of challenging biology such as 3D spheroids, tissues and other thick samples.

Montage stitching and Gen5 automatically and precisely stitches multiple tiles in a montage into a single high resolution image for workflows which includes slide scanning and large sample imaging.

Image analysis tools in Gen5 cover a broad range of applications and are powerful and easy to use. Gen5 automatically identifies cell nuclei for rapid cell counting, cytoplasm size, shape, intensity and other morphological and phenotypical changes are also easily observed and characterized.

Gen5's unique spot count function allows in depth analysis of intracellular objects or spots within a primary or secondary mask.

Many other applications including label-free cell counting, % confluence determination, subpopulation analysis and signal translocation are efficiently and automatically analyzed with the powerful tools in Gen5.

With its patented combination of imaging and multi-mode detection, Cytation is an advanced plate reader that delivers both the flexibility and performance you need for any microplate assay and your lab.

Multi-mode detection used in conjunction with imaging provides effective hit-picking for increased efficiency and throughput. As an example, Gen5 quickly identifies green fluorescent protein positive wells. Only those wells are imaged saving time and computer hard drive space.

BioTek's Take3 plate extends Cytation's detection capabilities to micro-volume nucleic acid and protein quantification. With the convenient easy to use plate and predefined protocols in Gen5 you can measure up to 48 two microliter samples in one run. A great time savings compared to single sample devices.
Cytation is compact for standalone bench or biosafety cabinet integration, but it's also automation ready!

Linked with BioSpa™ Automated Incubator and a BioTek liquid handler, Cytation is a key component of an automated system for kinetic live cell analysis processing up to eight microplates at a time. Process multiple plates automatically with the compact BioStack.

With its modular inverted and upright microscopes and multi-mode detection in one unique patented design, Cytation is the most advanced, versatile and reliable imaging reader on the market. Cited in more than 1,650 scientific papers since its introduction in 2013.

Cytation 1 - digital microscopy and essential multi-mode microplate detection.

Cytation 5 - powerful imaging and microscopy and advanced multi-mode detection.

Cytation 7 - BioTek's most comprehensive cell imaging plate reader enabling a wide range of applications. 

Cytation C10 - spinning disk confocal microscopy with multimode detection.

Cytation - Ready for any assay.