Cytation C10 Confocal Imaging Reader - Confocal & Widefield Microscopy with Multi-mode Plate Reading

Cytation C10 Confocal Imaging Reader combines automated digital confocal and widefield microscopy with conventional multi-mode microplate reading in a unique, patented design. The spinning disk confocal module provides exquisite resolution and optical sectioning capabilities in a wide variety of sample types. High quality components are used for excellent image quality, at a lower price than similar systems. Cytation C10 also includes widefield fluorescence, brightfield and phase contrast optics. Its variable bandwidth monochromator-based plate reading provides fluorophore specificity and sensitivity. Environmental controls enable live cell assays, and Gen5 software is designed to make sample detection and image capture effortless.


In 2013 BioTek pioneered the concept of cell imaging combined with multimode detection in the Cytation line of cell imaging multimode readers. Cytation brings affordable automated high content imaging to individual labs with broad versatility. Laboratories worldwide use Cytation to perform their research across a broad range of applications with thousands of publications referencing its utility. Now we have applied the same design concept to bring spinning disk confocal microscopy to every laboratory.

The new Cytation C10 Confocal Imaging Multimode Reader brings unprecedented functionality within the typical laboratory budget. Spinning disk confocal microscopy enables in-depth research that is not possible with a widefield-only system. You'll get more quantitative data out of cutting edge 3d cell structures, thick tissue samples, and whole organism models. The Cytation C10 facilitates a broad range of applications helping to answer your research questions. Cytation C10 uses high quality optical components, including Olympus objectives, a Hamamatsu scientific CMOS camera and Semrock filters in an efficient optical light path to capture crystal clear quantitative images. 40 micrometer and 60 micrometer spinning disks are available to optimize performance with a variety of sample types and thicknesses. C10's 4-zone incubator design with condensation control, precisely controls temperature by a system of sensors and heating elements. And when combined with gas control, provides the ideal environment for live cell imaging. Gen5 software fully automates image capture, processing and analysis and images are in a universal format that allows for analysis and other imaging software. For example, this common spinning disk confocal image processing workflow quantifies cells in a 3D spheroid. A z-stack is captured. Then Gen5 processes the stack of images to count individual cells in the spheroid. A 3D viewer is used to explore the sample in greater detail. With its unique combination of imaging and multimode plate reading, Cytation C10 delivers the flexibility and performance needed for many common microplate based assays. The BioTek Take3 plate extends Cytation's detection capabilities to micro-volume protein and nucleic acid quantification. Cytation C10 easily integrates with BioStack to automate microscope slide loading and walk-away delivery of up to 50 microplates for high throughput screening. It's a bench-size imaging and analysis workhorse providing vivid confocal images plus widefield imaging and multimode detection.