Agilent BioTek Cytation Cell Imaging Multimode Reader and Gen5 Microplate Reader and Imager Software for Automated Cell Counting

Label-free and fluorescence cell counting is fast and easy with BioTek's Cytation and Lionheart Imagers, and Gen5 Software.


Cell counting is widely used as a measurement in tissue culture to assess cell density for cell-based assays, as a readout in proliferation, viability and toxicity assays, and to normalize cell-based assay results for differences in cell density.

Automated cell counting in microplates enables high accuracy, precision and throughput compared to manual methods…

BioTek’s Cytation 1 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader is an ideal platform for automated cell counting using microscopy methods such as label-free brightfield and (fade to black) fluorescence cell counting.

Cytation 1 enables label-free cell counting using a unique high contrast brightfield to maximize the contrast of cells over the background.

Gen5 software identifies cell objects automatically,  using defined intensity and size thresholds to draw masks on the objects.

After all time lapse images are collected, the individual frames are automatically compiled into an video clip, showing the cell count progress of the entire run.

With analysis complete, the cell count and other data is ready for the next step in your workflow.

Cytation 1 can easily count fluorescently stained cells in microplates and other labware.

Advanced image pre-processing tools like the line profile tool and background flattening help obtain quantitative measurements from the acquired images with high accuracy and precision.

Gen5’s default cell counting settings are appropriate for most standard cell counting applications, including 1-click cell counting that removes the complexity from image analysis.

Cell count data is graphed in Gen5, ready for the next step in your experiment or for publication.

Whether your workflow includes end point or kinetic cell counting and analysis, BioTek’s Cytation and Gen5 software provide easy, rapid and precise automated cell counting in microplates.