BioStack Automation

BioStack™ is a compact and versatile microplate stacker compatible with BioTek's washers, dispensers, detectors and imaging systems. BioStack offers rapid plate exchange speeds to increase throughput and enhance productivity, accommodating assay workflows both with and without plate lids.


The use of microplates has improved sample throughput in laboratory experimentation, however, dramatic improvements in high throughput, speed and experimental consistency can be easily achieved by processing batches of microplates. Unlike robotic arms and other complicated systems, BioStack offers an alternative, affordable approach. It seamlessly integrates BioTek’s microplate readers, imagers, washers and dispensers for walk-away automation. BioStack is simple-to-use, reliable, flexible, affordable and fast!


BioStack’s unique two-position carrier keeps microplates moving to and from the connected instrument with amazing speed - a plate exchange time of less than 10 seconds; the fastest on the market.  This rapid and smooth transport affords economies of batch processing while freeing you to perform other tasks.

Lidded plates are easily handled with the new, patent pending, BioStack 4, with de-lidding and re-lidding for convenient, automated processing of sensitive cell based assays.


Integration of the BioStack with BioTek’s microplate readers, imagers, washers, and dispensers only takes minutes and is simple and user-friendly.

Simple to Use:

Operation of the BioStack with the 405 Touch Microplate Washer is easy when using the intuitive touch screen or LHC software. Stacks are quickly placed and removed, while being held securely during processing. BioStack can easily be moved between instruments eliminating the need to purchase multiple stackers. Gen5 Software controls BioStack and a BioTek Microplate reader for seamless data collection and analysis.


The compact footprint and rotational gripper allow for attachment to various instruments. Additionally, BioStack offers you the choice of 30- or 50- microplate stack as well as a 10-plate stack that is ideal for use within a biocontainment hood.

In addition to 96, 384 and 1536 well microplates, BioStack 4 is compatible with 24 and 48 well plates, up to 22 mm high.

BioStack will speed up your microplate processing…increase your sample throughput and improve efficiency.