BenchCel Microplate Handler

The BenchCel Microplate Handler is a fast and simple benchtop microplate storage and handling system that automates common, high-throughput lab workflows. The BenchCel features a high-speed robot, and its modular design provides the flexibility and scalability required to meet the needs of the most diverse laboratory applications.


BenchCel is a fast and simple benchtop microplate handler, which automates common lab workflows. BenchCel can be interfaced with a range of BioTek products including the EL406, the MultiFlo FX Washer Dispensers to automate liquid handling operations. Synergy Neo2 and Epoch 2 Microplate Readers enable detection workflows, while the Cytation 5 Imaging Reader allows automated detection and microscopy processes.

The variety of configurations allows automating common workflows such as ELISA, add and read screening assays, and cell fixation and imaging protocols. Here the BenchCel enables an automated ELISA workflow. On the left of the system, an EL406 manages all of the liquid handling steps including all reagent additions and wash steps. Microplates are returned to the stack for the incubation period. At the end of the process, the plates are read on a Synergy Neo2 plate reader, installed on the right of the system. ELISA data is then automatically analyzed and exported to a variety of formats to complete the workflow.

VWorks software offers an intuitive graphical interface and dynamic scheduling capabilities. Users can create and run protocols, forms and monitor progress of their workflows from VWorks.

Because the BenchCel accommodates a broad range of labware, including deep well microplates, many applications can be automated with a BenchCel integration.

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