Agilent BioTek 405 TS Washer: The gold standard of microplate washers


Agilent BioTek 405 TS washer is the globally recognized standard for microplate washers, offering unique benefits for effective, efficient washing for many applications. 

405 TS automates the wash steps for ELISA, cell-based assays, ELISpot assays, MSD assays, ELISA plate coating and magnetic and vacuum filtration bead-based workflows.  

A combination of angled dispense tubes and highly adjustable dispense and aspiration rate settings make 405 TS the ideal washer for cell-based assays. The gentle flow rates and side-wall dispensing position ensure the integrity of cell monolayers whereas a washer with only straight dispense tubes discharges media directly towards the cell monolayer, forcefully impacting the cells, causing them to dislodge and get aspirated in the next wash cycle.

Multiplexed bead-based assays are very common, and 405 TS easily accommodates the necessary wash steps to process them. Magnet accessories for biomagnetic separation workflows, such as Luminex xMap assays, ensure high bead recovery after washing with 405 TS. A vacuum filtration module is available for non-magnetic bead assays.

Clogged manifold tubes are the most common source of failure on plate washers.  It’s important to confirm that manifold tubes are clear before working with precious samples in microplates.  

The Verify Technology available for 405 TS eliminates tedious manual procedures by using an ultrasonic probe to check dispense and aspirate performance.
Test results are automatically displayed, highlighting tubes that may require additional cleaning.

The built-in Ultrasonic Advantage allows the instrument to clean buildup in the manifold tubes automatically, without having to remove the manifold from the instrument for manual cleaning. 

Through a process called cavitation, micro-bubbles produced by ultrasonic energy in the liquid filled cleaning reservoir, scour the tube surfaces clean.  
405 TS integrates easily with robotic systems, including BioStack microplate stacker, BioSpa 8 automated incubator and BenchCel microplate handler, to automate many workflows in diverse laboratory settings.

From routine benchtop ELISA to high throughput screening applications, BioTek 405 TS microplate washer is the proven choice for every laboratory.