Introducing 405 Touch

This product demo describes the use of 405 Touch Microplate Washer.


This isn’t just a company of engineers. This is the company of microplate instrument specialists.  People who have dedicated their entire careers to microplate instrumentation.

We never settle for the status quo. We are always looking for ways to make our customers experience and research that much better.

They don’t say it’s my microplate washer. They say it’s my "BioTek".

The ELx405 offered a Patented Dual-Action manifold, industries first built-in ultrasonic cleaner for manifold self-maintenance.  All that made the ELx405 industry standard and it’s still there. With the 405 Touch we’ve taken all of that goodness and we kicked it up a notch. We've taken it a step forward.

We wanted to design and build an incredible product without any compromise.

Now what we’ve done is we added a modern, graphical, colored touch screen display. You can run a protocol with two touches off the screen. We spent a lot of time simplifying the interface. We didn’t want to clatter the screen with too many parameters. We wanted to keep it simple. We have pre-defined protocols on board. We have a USB flash drive protocol transfer. We have a contact sensitive help system. The quick menu area to quickly prime, run a protocol, maintain the instrument.

BioTek’s new patented Verify provides a failsafe method for checking the manifold tubes for blockages before a wash procedure. Verify’s ultrasonic probe checks liquid levels in microplate wells before and after automated dispense and aspirate cycles. Any wells with inconsistent levels or blockages are flagged and the results are displayed. The 405’s patent pending Ultrasonic Advantage automated maintenance routine makes quick work of cleaning both dispense and aspirate manifolds without having to remove any hardware.

Verify and Ultrasonic Advantage on the 405 washer makes these truly self-maintaining microplate washers.

Our innovation ultimately makes research experience at every stage better and more efficient.

Everything we’ve done with the 405 Touch, from the beautiful touch-screen display to the Verify Technology, to the integrated buffer switching, to the convenient USB flash drive file transfer. On top of all of the goodness of the ELx405, what made the industry standard it is today have been done with our customer in mind.

Once customer sees and touches and feels and experiences this new user interface, and sees the capabilities that this product is doing in the laboratory, for many different applications, I guarantee you that they will not let us take that instrument out of the lab.