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Immuno-Oncology & Cancer Biology Virtual Conference - On Demand

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July 29, 2020

Advancing Together: Accelerating Discovery through Live Cell Analysis with Agilent, BioTek, and ACEA Biosciences

The rapid development of immuno-oncology therapies has transformed the cancer treatment landscape. Discovering safe, potent, and persistent immune cell products requires a complete understanding of cancer biology and immune cell properties such as activation, cell fate, cytotoxic killing, immunomodulation, and memory. With our real-time live cell analysis tools, gain deeper insights into immune cell function and its response to the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment.

In addition, our understanding of cancer biology and the development of new drugs is steadily improving through the use of more complex in vitro cancer models that enhance the physiological relevance of assay data. 3D cell culture technologies, particularly those that form spheroid and organoid models, are at the forefront of these measures. Long-term live cell imaging is particularly useful in quantifying drug effects on these complex models.

This event features presentations by leading scientists from several notable institutions. Agilent, and the newest members of the Agilent family, BioTek and ACEA, showcase their latest innovations in cell analysis, including product launches, software demos, and scientific posters. View the following BioTek webinar recordings on demand.
  1. Using Quantitative Imaging Microscopy to Identify & Target the Molecular Origins of Cancer
    Presenter: Kirk McManus, PhD – Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Medical Genetics, University of Manitoba and Senior Scientist, Research Institute in Oncology & Hematology, CancerCare Manitoba
  2. Enabling 3D T-Cell, Tumoroid Invasion, and Organoid Assays Through the Incorporation of Live Cellular Imaging
    Presenter: Brad Larson - Field Applications Scientist, BioTek Instruments
  3. 3D Cell Culture Methods and Imaging Considerations
    Presenters: Brad Larson & Valerie Sodi, PhD - Field Applications Scientists, BioTek Instruments
  4. Automated Media Exchange for Long Term Spheroid Assays Using MultiFlo FX’s New AMX Module
    Presenter: Brad Larson - Field Applications Scientist, BioTek Instruments
  5. Phenotypic and MoA Analysis of Anti-Metastatic Molecules using 3D Tumeroid Invasion Assays, Kinetic Ligand Binding, and Cellular Microscopy
    Presenter: Brad Larson - Field Applications Scientist, BioTek Instruments
  6. Tools and Techniques for Optimizing Cell Proliferation Studies
    Presenter: Joe Clayton, PhD -Senior Principal Scientist, BioTek Instruments