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Agilent BioTek Lionheart Technology: Driving physiological relevance in early drug discovery - On Demand

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May 18, 2022

Presenter: Dr. Charles William Amirmansour, Global Business Development Manager,  Agilent

Agilent BioTek’s innovative Lionheart platform offers automated microscopy with 1.25x to 100x magnification (including 60 and 100x oil immersion), with fluorescence, brightfield, high-contrast brightfield, color brightfield, and phase-contrast channels driving application diversity. An optional environment control cover provides incubation to 40°C and effective containment for CO2/O2 control. The available humidity chamber optimizes conditions for long-term live cell imaging applications while the dual-reagent injector facilitates rapid kinetic assays. 
A single experiment never exists in a vacuum, as it’s part of a larger hypothesis. To publish a comprehensive story, one needs to show compelling screening data complemented by individual dose response studies to justify a choice of target. Live cell assays illustrate the phenotypic and morphological changes that occur, and microscopy further allows one to visualize proposed mechanisms at work. This combination of widefield imaging capabilities within a single instrument drives greater workflow efficiency and productivity than ever before. Researchers are now able to build a comprehensive story from drug screening to histological confirmation through a combinatorial approach on a single platform.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how utilization of multidisciplinary imaging can build a comprehensive scientific story in early drug discovery. 
  • Discover how the Agilent BioTek Lionheart system is used to develop and evaluate phenotypic-based workflows.