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Resources - Webinars

Advances in Live Cell Imaging Applications: Quantifying real time cellular responses from seconds to weeks - On Demand

November 13, 2019

Presenters: Dr. Paul Held, Applications Laboratory Manager and Dr. Rebecca Mongeon, Principal Scientist

Cellular behavior is complex and dynamic. While end-point assays provide a single snapshot of this behavior, it is only when live cells are continually monitored that a more complete understanding of this behavior is realized. At issue, however, is the duration of these dynamics which can occur over seconds, as in the case of intracellular calcium signaling; or continuously, such as the proliferation of a population of cells.

In this webinar we will demonstrate advantages and important considerations for a number of live cell imaging assays that require a wide range of time resolution including:

•    Nuclear translocation (minutes)
•    Cell migration (hours)
•    Cell proliferation and cytotoxicity (hours)
•    Tumor invasion (days)