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A Practical Guide for 3D Cell Culture Systems and Optimizing Spheroid Imaging Assays - Part 2 - On Demand

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October 27, 2021

Three-dimensional (3D) cell culture systems have become a well-established in vitro experimental approach to model human disease for a broad range of research applications. By enabling more physiological relevant cell-to-cell and cell-to-matrix interactions, 3D cell cultures present an attractive alternative to conventional 2D model systems. However, the increased complexity of 3D cultures, and growing number of available formats, requires thoughtful consideration to achieve consistent and accurate assay results.

In the second half of this webinar series on 3D cell culture we’ll build on the concepts covered in part one and present:

  • tips for effectively conducting quantitative analysis on spheroids
  • instruments and hardware features optimized for 3D cell culture samples
  • the experimental approach and analysis methods used in a variety of 3D cell culture applications, including cell proliferation and viability, migration and invasion, quantification of lipid droplet within a hepatic model, characterization of intestinal organoid morphology, and stem cell differentiation.