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Synergy HT Firmware Update for Gen5 Compatibility


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June 09, 2006


Applies to all Synergy HT readers with serial numbers below 200346




This Technical Note is intended for anyone with a Synergy™ HT (any model) with serial number below 200346, who wishes to use Gen5™ instead of KC4™ to control the reader. In this case, the firmware (“base code”) of the Synergy HT has to be updated in order to support Gen5 control. Note that after the update, the Synergy HT is still fully compatible with KC4.


Material required to perform the firmware update:


  1. Synergy HT with serial number below 200346
  2. Gen5 PC software version 1.00.14 or higher
  3. BioTek Universal Download Utility. This software can be downloaded from the Downloads section of
  4. Download Utility Instructions. These instructions can be downloaded from the Downloads section of
  5. Synergy HT firmware (“base code”) part number 7090202 version 2.24. This firmware can be downloaded from the Downloads section of




  1. Download all required software and instructions (see list above).
  2. Both the Download Utility software and the Synergy HT firmware are zipped files and have to be unzipped before use. You can create two temporary folders on your computer to unzip these files.
  3. Install BioTek’s Download Utility on your computer (run the “setup.exe” file).
  4. Once the Download Utility has been installed, follow the Download Utility Instructions to update the Synergy HT’s Firmware (“base code”). Note that the instrument to be selected in the Select Instrument dialog is “Instrument without Keypad."


Following this procedure should take approximately 30 minutes. If you need assistance please contact BioTek’s Technical Assistance Center by email ( or phone (800) 242-4685 (in the U.S.) or (802) 655-4740 (outside the U.S.) or contact your local BioTek representative.