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January 28, 2008


Compatibility with Field-Installed ELx405™ Washers


All ELx405 Microplate Washers manufactured after October 2007 (SN > 210030) are compatible with Liquid Handling Control Software.  These instruments were manufactured with required ELx405 basecode software PN 7100227 > 2.04.1.

Field-installed ELx405 Washers shipping prior to October 2007 can be updated for LHC™ compatibility.  See below for important information.


Important Notes:


  1. For ELx405 Washers that 1) shipped before October 2005, 2) were manufactured with basecode PN 7100201 (any version), and 3) have been updated with base code PN 7100227 (any version)…

    …After being downloaded with LHC-compatible basecode PN 7100227 > 2.04.1, these instruments will require a full auto-calibration procedure.  It is recommended these Washers be returned to a BioTek Service Center for updating and auto-calibration.  Customers should complete the Service Request Form on the Customer Resource Center, or contact BioTek’s Technical Assistance Center with questions.
  2. The preceding Note does not apply to the following Washers.  BioTek customers or users, without involvement of a BioTek Service Center, can conduct an LHC-compatible basecode update without issue:
  • Any ELx405 HT and ELx405 Select CW Washer.
  • Any ELx405 Washer that shipped after October 2005 and manufactured with basecode PN 7100227 (any version).
  • Any ELx405 Washer that shipped with basecode PN 7100201 (any version) and has not been updated with basecode PN 7100227 (any version).


Before Using LHC with a Field-Installed ELx405 Washer:


  • Basecode software PN 7100227 > 2.04.1 must first be downloaded onto the ELx405.
  • BioTek customers and users can access the latest basecode PN 7100227 from BioTek’s Customer Resource Center.
  • Liquid Handling Control should be used for downloading the basecode.  To do so:
    • On the ELx405’s keypad:
      • Press SHIFT and HIDDEN #1 (between CLEAR and ENTER keys).
      • Select YES when prompted with START CODE DOWNLOAD?  Instrument will then display READY FOR DOWNLOAD...
    • In LHC:
      • Choose the target instrument - ELx405.
      • Choose the Com Port.  Select Test Communications for successful communication between the computer and the ELx405.
      • Choose the Model and Manifold Type.
      • Under Tools, select Instrument Utilities...
      • Select Download Basecode...  Update the ELx405 with basecode file elx405ht.bin accessed from the Customer Resource Center.