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Installing Gen5™ on a Mac Computer


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June 11, 2007


Using “Parallels Desktop for Mac”

Apple Computers offers a third party program called Parallels Desktop for Mac. Parallels allows a user to create a “virtual PC” on a Mac computer if it is equipped with the Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Once the “virtual PC” has been established, a full Windows Operating System can be installed. From within the Windows environment, any Windows-based application can then be installed and run, including BioTek’s Gen5™ Data Analysis Software. Parallels allows the user to easily switch between the Mac desktop and Windows without logging in or out of either operating system.

BioTek has successfully installed Parallels, Windows XP and Gen5 on a MacBook Pro and found the installation and configuration to be quick and easy. Communication with BioTek microplate readers takes place via USB->RS-232 adapters (with drivers installed in the Windows OS) or via USB cable supplied with some BioTek microplate readers, such as Synergy™ 2 and Synergy™ HT.

The following is required for a system to install and run Gen5 on a Mac:

  1. A Mac computer equipped with the Intel Core 2 Duo processor
  2. Parallels Desktop for Mac software
  3. Windows XP Pro or Windows Vista (Business or Ultimate), full version
  4. Excel 2003 or 2007 (if the user wishes to use Gen5’s export to Excel capability)
  5. An RS-232-USB adapter (BioTek p/n 75104 or equivalent) to connect the microplate reader to the Mac via the serial cable supplied with the reader if the reader does not have a USB port.
  6. Gen5 Data Analysis Software (any edition). If Windows Vista is installed, Gen5 v 1.02 or higher is required.


The user is responsible to purchase and install Parallels Desktop for Mac, Windows™ and Excel™ prior to installing Gen5. Parallels Desktop for Mac is available from: