Sample Files


November 27, 2012


Related Products: Gen5 for Detection

Gen5 version required: 1.0 or higher

Basis for the Assay:

Resorufin is the product of a number of commercially available enzyme substrates (e.g. Amplex Red). It has an absorption and fluorescence emission maxima of 563 nm and 587 nm respectively. The amount of resorufin present is proportional to the amount of fluorescence generated.

The protocol calls for a fluorescence measurement using a 540/35 excitation filter and a 590/20 emission filter. The protocol is configured such that the correct filters are selected, but the user is required to provide the remainder of the plate layout, data reduction are any subsequent reports.

The experiment data file does not contain any data.

Plate Configuration:

Plate configuration assumes that samples will be run in duplicate and includes two blank wells. Thus, 47 samples can be run on a microplate in duplicate.


The report is configured to provide the (1) raw fluorescence and (2) blanked fluorescence.