Sample Files

Phenol Test

November 21, 2012


Related Products: Gen5 for Detection

Gen5 version required: 1.0 or higher

Basis for the Assay:

The presence of trace amounts of phenol can denature proteins and inhibit enzymatic reactions. The A260/A270 ratio for nucleic acid sample should be greater than 1.0. Ratios less than 1.0 suggest the presence of trace amounts of phenol.

The procedure steps include a reading at 260 nm and 270 nm. Background absorbance of the microplate is removed by subtraction of a blank well. Using a Transformation the A260/A270 ratio is calculated. Wells with a ratio value of less than 1.0 are considered to be positive for the presence of phenol. This is expressed in a Cutoff data set.

The experiment data file does not contain any data

Plate Configuration:

The plate layout places one blank in position A1. The rest of the wells contain 95 individual samples.


Plate Report is configured to provide the (1) blanked 260 nm absorbance; (2) blanked 270 nm absorbance and (3) Calculated 260/270 ratio. A Plate report using a cutoff of 1.0 on the 260/270 ratio indicating the possible presence (POS) or absence (NEG) of EDTA is also reported.