Sample Files

Lowry Protein Assay

November 21, 2012


Related Products: Gen5 for Detection

Gen5 version required: 1.0 or higher

Basis for the Assay:

Quantification of total protein content is a measurement common to many applications in basic science and clinical research. The basis for this assay is the reduction of copper in alkali by protein (biuret reaction) in the presence of the chromogenic agent Folic phenol. This reaction produces a blue color with a very broad absorbance peak (600-850 nm).

The procedure includes a single read step at 660 nm. Data reduction includes a single curve fit step; Linear regression curve fit is used to determine unknown concentrations.

The experiment file contains the absorbance determination, which is used to plot the standard curve.

Plate Configuration:

The plate layout includes standards in duplicate with concentrations from 0 to 200 μg/ml in wells A1 through B6. Samples in duplicate fill the rest of the plate.


The standard curve is reported along with equation parameters and correlation coefficients. A matrix report is configured to provide the (1) 660 nm absorbance and (2) calculated protein concentrations. Column type report containing the statistics for standards and samples is also provided.