Sample Files

Long Kinetic Luminescence

November 29, 2012


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Basis for the Assay:

Cell-based assays often require following the change in signal over some period of time. This assay performs a plate-mode kinetic measurement with temperature control.

This protocol executes the following process:
1. Bring reading chamber to 37ºC before starting the read process
2. Measure luminescence kinetically for 2 hours with a 5-minute interval, each measurement is a 1 second integration

Results available at the end of the process are: raw data, kinetic curves, kinetic analysis: Maximum slope (Max V).

The experiment data file does not contain any data.

Plate Configuration:

Plate configuration contains samples only, in duplicate. It may have to be updated with more specific information (e.g., standards to generate a calibration curve, controls).


The report provides:
1. Matrix of kinetic curves
2. Well zoom examples
3. Statistics on samples