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GeneBLAzer FRET assay reading parameters, EC50 and Z prime calculation

June 08, 2011


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Gen5 version required: 2.0 or higher


GeneBLAzer® H1-NFAT-bla HEK 293T cells contain the human Histamine Subtype 1 receptor (H1), stably integrated into the CellSensor® NFAT-bla HEK 293T cell line, which contains a beta-lactamase (bla) reporter gene under control of the NFAT response element. A FRET-based substrate is used to quantify the level of expression of beta-lactamase. This files shows how both FRET emission signals are measured at 460 nm and 528nm, and how bla expression can be quantified by measuring the change in the 460/528 fluorescent signal ratio. An EC50 is calculated, as well as the Z prime parameter used to assess assay robustness.

Raw data, titration curve and Z prime calculation

Raw data, titration curve and Z prime calculation