Sample Files


November 15, 2012


Related Products: Gen5 for Detection

Gen5 version required: 1.0 or higher

Basis for the Assay:

The patented 1 cm quartz BioCell can be read in any of BioTek’s automated microplate readers to allow quick readings of sample sizes with results comparable to standard cuvette measurements.

The protocol shows 1 read step at a 450 nm wavelength. The wavelength can be easily modified for the required wavelength(s)

This experiment uses the BioCell Layout.prt and has one plate of data (containing data from reads of 8 individual BioCells).

Plate Configuration:

The plate layout indicates samples 1 through 8 corresponding to the 8 locations for BioCells in the BioCell adapter plate. The plate layout can be modified to show only those locations that will actually be used.


The BioCell reports OD for up to 8 BioCells having been read in the microplate reader.