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New, Advanced Tools for Smarter Screening of Small Molecule Drug Targets

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March 21, 2013

Presenters: Brad Larson BioTek Instruments Inc. and François Degorce, Cisbio Bioassays

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High throughput screening (HTS), the process by which libraries of small molecule compounds are individually assessed for binding, activating or inactivating biological activity in drug target molecules, has been part of the drug discovery process for more than two decades. While the HTS market remains strong, there is increased pressure to reduce the cost of the drug discovery process, and improve the number of true lead compounds coming out of screening campaigns; eventually becoming a marketed drug. This pressure has caused a shift in how HTS is conducted across the industry.

Today’s HTS methods have moved away from an “industrialized” emphasis, adopting a “smarter screening” precept which incorporates more focused libraries that offer diversity and known pharmacophores of the gene family of interest, along with functional and phenotypic assays involving cells.

Liquid handling and detection microplate instrumentation must be able to perform a number of high level tasks from biochemical and cell-based assay procedures, to deliver accurate, efficient, and repeatable results.

In this webinar we describe new HTRF® assay applications, as well as liquid handling and detection instrumentation ideal for use with “smarter screening” methods and provide three HTS case studies using commercially available compound libraries to look for modulators of GPCR, cellular kinase, and epigenetic drug targets.

 Smaill Molecule Drug Targets