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Resources - Scientific Posters

Homogeneous Cell-Based Signal Transduction Assays using a Novel 3-D Cell Culture Matrix


October 05, 2010


Authors: A. Rieger, G. Prescott, J. Wetterwald, P. Banks, B. Larson, BioTek Instruments, Inc., Winooski, Vermont; B. Justice, Global Cell Solutions, Inc., Charlottesville, VA; J. March, Hamilton Robotics, Inc., Reno, NV


Global Cell Solutions     Hamilton




  • Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) protein kinase represents a key target in today’s drug discovery efforts due to its point of convergence for multiple cell signaling pathways
  • The AlphaScreen® SureFire® p-p70 S6 Kinase(Thr389) Assay provides an easy to use, and sensitive method to assay mTOR activity
  • Performing assays using cells grown on the GEM matrix simplifies the experimental process and provides results that are equivalent to control data generated with cells cultured using standard 2D methods
  • Validation data, as well as insulin receptor agonist/antagonist data, demonstrate how the combination of assay and instrumentation can provide relevant data to measure activity of this important drug target