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Cellular Imaging Made Easy

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October 23, 2013

Presenters: Caleb Foster and Peter J. Brescia, Jr., BioTek Instruments Inc.

While cellular imaging can provide multi-parametric data that allows for the unraveling of the complexities of biology, the associated image processing and analysis methods can be almost as intricate as the biology. In this webinar, we will describe BioTek’s Gen5™ Data Analysis Software, designed specifically for users with little or no experience with automated microscopy. Image capture and acquisition is done through a simple interface that includes Auto-focus and Auto-exposure algorithms. Image analysis can be as simple as a one click process with visual feedback to fine-tune analysis parameters necessary for automated cell counting and cell sub-population analysis. Gen5 works with a universal TIF image format. TIF images acquired on any microscope can be imported to Gen5 for analysis. Conversely, exported Gen5 images are compatible with a broad range of image analysis software, if custom analysis is required. Furthermore, when used with the Cytation™ 3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader, Gen5 can be programmed to quickly scan the plate with the standard plate reader optics and hit-pick the wells for imaging that meet a defined threshold. This saves valuable time, reduces data collection, analysis and storage requirements - ultimately reducing costs.

Cellular Imaging Made Easy