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Cellular Energy Flux in Real-Time: High-Throughput Metabolism & Mitochondrial Function Assays

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December 11, 2015

Presenters: Wendy Goodrich, Applications Scientist, BioTek Instruments and Dr. James Hynes, Head of Research & Development, Luxcel Biosciences

Join us as we outline how a panel of microplate-compatible fluorescence-based assays developed by Luxcel Biosciences can be used to examine cell metabolism. These assays interrogate oxidative phosphorylation (MitoXpress-Xtra), glycolytic flux (pH-Xtra), and cellular oxygenation (MitoXpress-Intra) facilitating, convenient, high-throughput metabolic assessments. We will describe how, using this technology, drug toxicity can be screened, and using the Warburg effect as an example, how perturbed cell metabolism can be interrogated. We will also describe how levels of cellular oxygenation can now be conveniently measured, offering opportunities for new insights into hypoxia and related signaling.

Cellular Energy Flux in Real-Time