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Automated ELISA Liquid Handling with EL406 Combination Microplate Washer Dispenser


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February 02, 2009


Authors: Paul Held, Ph.D, Jason Greene, BioTek Instruments




With a typical ELISA protocol, several repeat cycles of microplate washing, reagent addition and incubation are executed to remove unbound material before data collection. This often manual process requires a technician to manage timings and be available to move the plate between washer and multiple dispensers. The new EL406 Microplate Washer Dispenser increases a laboratory’s efficiency and productivity by eliminating these manual plate movements. This automation friendly, multifunctional instrument uniquely combines the industry standard ELx405 Select CW Washer with a peristaltic reagent pumping system and two highly accurate syringe drive dispensers. The wash module incorporates BioTek’s patented Dual-Action™ manifold design for both 96- and 384-well microplates along with optimized flow rates for cell-based applications. The peristaltic pump utilizes a unique design to provide accurate and precise volumes ranging from 1 µL to 3 mL. With two optional syringe pump dispensers, a total of three reagents can be dispensed without operator intervention. Additionally, up to four reagent buffers can be used automatically. Together with a BioStack Microplate Stacker, as a batch processor the EL406 will manage all liquid handling steps of an ELISA inclusive of incubations. Users simply press a button and walk away eliminating the need for multiple instruments and saving both bench space and cost. This poster will detail specifics of such a system.