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Automated Digital Microscopy for Cellular Research

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December 16, 2014

Contrast Enhancement for cells, 3D structures, tissue sections and small organisms

Presenters: Caleb Foster, Product Manager, Development and Peter Banks, Ph.D. Scientific Director, BioTek Instruments

Discovering innovative cancer therapies requires a deep understanding of the heterogeneous microenvironment of solid tumors.

A novel cellular analysis instrument comprised of a digital microscope and a PMT-based microplate reader will be described for the automated analysis of a wide range of cell models including:

  • Plated cells
  • Scaffold- and spheroid-based 3D cell structures
  • Tissue sections
  • Whole organisms

Data and image processing and analysis capabilities will be described for both target- and phenotypic-based assays in either kinetic or endpoint formats for these cell models.

Automated Digital Microscopy for Cellular Research