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BioTek Resources for Agilent MitoXpress® Intra Intracellular Oxygen Assay


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January 29, 2019


The Agilent MitoXpress® Intra Intracellular Oxygen Assay allows real-time measurement of intracellular oxygen levels of whole cells in 2D or 3D cell cultures. BioTek offers a dedicated filter cube assembly, pre-programmed Gen5 protocol, and user tutorial specifically optimized for use with the lifetime signal acquisition of the assay on the BioTek Cytation 1, Cytation 5, Synergy H1, or Synergy Neo2 instruments equipped with TRF capability.

8040588 cube
Filter Cubes:
P/N 8040587 or 8040594 (Cytation, Synergy H1)
P/N 1035123 CUBE 123 MITOXPRESS ASBY (Synergy Neo2)
Gen5 Data Analysis Protocol: AgilentIntraO2.prt

Example data of a glucose oxidase

Figure 1. Example Data (Cytation 5): (A.) Lifetime detection of intracellular oxygenation in HepG2 cells during stepped decreases in oxygen within the read chamber. (B.) Intracellular O2 concentration can be calculated from
a first order exponential fit on the lifetime values and is shown compared to the applied instrument oxygen levels (orange).

A summary of the AgilentpHX.prt procedure, plate

Figure 2. Top level implementation steps for the Agilent MitoXpress Intra Intracellular Oxygen Assay resources for Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) equipped BioTek Cytation™ 1, Cytation™ 5, Synergy™ H1, or Synergy™ Neo 2 instruments.

Top level implementation steps of the Agilent pH-Xtra Glycolysis Assay toolkit for

Figure 3. The AgilentIntraO2.prt procedure, plate layout, and data reduction steps as shown from within Gen5™ software.