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Kinetic Fluorescence Live Cell Assays

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June 11, 2020


Living organisms, composed of multiple different tissues and cell types, are highly dynamic in nature. Imaging in a live cell format is therefore a critical tool for laboratories across a wide variety of research disciplines. The ways in which cells have been studied has seen many changes over time, and now the combination of kinetic live imaging with conventional fluorescence microscopy techniques has become an integral part of cellular analysis methodologies.

This new application guide covers a variety of techniques to help move your science forward, including:

  • Detecting Cell Cycle Phase Through the Incorporation of Cell Cycle/Fluorescent Protein Fusions
  • Kinetic Live Cell Imaging of Apoptosis and Necrosis
  • Characterizing Calcium Mobilization using Kinetic Live Cell Imaging
  • 2D Scratch Wound Healing Analysis of a Co-Cultured Cell Model
  • Monitoring Mitochondrial Dynamics via Live Cell Imaging  

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