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Poor microplate washer maintenance can lead to ELISA assay failure, system downtime, and increased costs. Unexpected clogging of the washer manifold tubes is the single largest contributor to failures, but cleaning can be a time consuming and labor-intensive process. The Agilent BioTek 405 microplate washers and Agilent BioTek EL406 washer dispensers can be configured with an available built-in ultrasonic cleaner to aid in routine washer maintenance. The patented Ultrasonic Advantage makes the 405 and EL406 the only self-maintaining microplate washers available today, eliminating washer-associated failure and guaranteeing continued washer performance.

405 Microplate Washer with Ultrasonic Advantage

The priming/cleaning reservoir (circled) in the 405 Microplate Washer with Ultrasonic Advantage offers ultrasonic cleaning of both dispense and aspirate manifolds.


Ultrasonic cleaning involves the rapid formation and violent collapse of minute vacuum bubbles that implode on surface contact. This agitation by countless small and intense imploding bubbles creates a highly effective scrubbing of both the inside and outside of the washer manifold tubes. This process is called cavitation and is produced by the Ultrasonic Advantage technology. The process automatically pulses the ultrasonic energy into a liquid filled built-in cleaning reservoir in which the washer’s manifold tubes are fully submerged. Even heavy build up from protein and salt crystals is dissolved from within the tubes.

The formation and subsequent collapse of a cavitation vacuum bubble is illustrated.

Figure 1. The formation and subsequent collapse of a cavitation vacuum bubble, illustrated.

For years, ultrasonic technology has provided unmatched cleaning power in many applications and industries. Merging this proven technology with the world’s premier microplate washers, Ultrasonic Advantage provides complete confidence in assay performance.


Figure 2. The graph shows an initial 10 runs of Verify, with about 4% CV average. The washer is then allowed to sit idle for about 3 hours, filled with casein protein. Verify is then run again for 5 runs, each failing with a high % CV, indicating blockage of aspirate and dispense tubes. The 405 is cleaned using the autoclean/Ultrasonic Advantage maintenance procedure (including Tergazyme) for 1 hour. After the cleaning, Verify confirms that the average % CV is again 4% or lower over the next several runs.

Ultrasonic Advantage Benefits:

  • Incorporates the proven cleaning power of ultrasonic technology
  • Reduced failed assay incidents
  • Maintains assay integrity
  • Built-in design requires no additional bench top space
  • Cleans the toughest protein and salt crystal buildup
  • Provides unattended operation for busy laboratories
  • Restores wash performance to factory specifications

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