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Gen5 Software Features for Imaging & Microscopy


Image Prime
Basic Features
Supports all imaging instrument hardware functionality
Image Acquisition Modes and Features
Image up to 6 color channels*** per image set
Fast kinetic imaging (up to 10 fps)
Long-term kinetic imaging (up to 7 days)
Z-stack imaging of up to 50 slices for thick samples
Montage imaging for large samples
Combined z-stack and montage imaging
Set beacons (imaging regions of interest) per well or vessel
Image Processing
Background flattening to improve image signal to noise  
Add user defined image annotations to any image or graph  
Record movies of live samples and/or make movies of kinetic image series  
Image deconvolution to improve resolution  
Optional: AutoROI module***; automatically finds ROIs and begins imaging at a higher resolution  
3D viewer*** allows improved visualization of spheroids and other 3D biologies
Digital phase contrast to improve contrast in brightfield images  
Cellular Analysis      
Image Statistics (e.g., image total intensity, intensity above/below a threshold)
Cell count and confluence on a live sample
Cell count and confluence on an acquired image
Cellular analysis using a single analysis mask (e.g., object size, shape, area, circularity, intensity)  
Analyze subpopulations of cells expressing certain criteria (e.g., size, shape, intensity)  
Two analysis masks for advanced measurements (e.g., cytoplasmic signal, signal translocation)    
Advanced cellular analysis optimization tools    
Scatterplots/histograms for visualizing and gating cell level data    
Optional: Spot Counting Module for intracellular objects (e.g., mitochondria, steatosis)    

*For laboratories that require compliance to 21 CFR Part 11, Gen5 Secure editions are available
** For laboratories that require IVD compliance Gen5 IVD editions are available
***Features and functionality available only in Gen5 v3.11 and greater, inquire about availability