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Gen5 Microplate Reader and Imager Software


New in Gen5 3.03 for Imaging & Microscopy


Gen5 3.03 includes many new features that enhance image capture, processing, analysis and publication preparation, including:

  • Spot counting for detailed analysis of small intracellular objects or “spots”
  • Deconvolution processing step improves image resolution for better visualization of details
  • Scatterplots and histograms for cell-level data provide visual cues of trends in data, object subpopulations and outliers

New in Gen5 3.03 for Microplate Reading & Data Analysis

Images and data

New features in Gen5 3.03 enhance multi-mode data collection and analysis, with powerful functionality including

  • Fluorophore spectra utility offers > 100 fluorophore spectra, making filter cube matching quick and easy
  • Enhanced conditional logic adds powerful functionality for data transformation, cutoffs and validation with automated outlier rejection and expanded formula operators
  • Improved file size, sorting and search tools for working with Gen5’s database and sample file database

Integrates with all BioTek imaging and detection systems

Images and data

Gen5 Microplate Reader and Imaging Software is an integrated tool for data and image collection and analysis, compatible with all of BioTek’s imaging, multi-mode and absorbance readers. It’s easy to get started with more than 150 prepared protocols within Gen5 and online. Gen5 supports endpoint, kinetic, well area scanning, spectral scanning read modes. One-button export sends your data right to Excel®, without requiring additional steps.

Gen5 Image Prime: Advanced image analysis tools

Explore, image and analyze intra-and inter-cellular activity

With Lionheart FX and Cytation imaging systems, Gen5 supports Augmented Microscopy™, the automated workflow incorporating image capture, processing, analysis and preparation of publication-ready images and data. Gen5 Image Prime takes image analysis to advance levels including powerful analysis tools like with nuclear mask expansion and reduction, secondary mask for cytoplasm or whole cell identification, custom object-level measurements for translocation and subpopulation analysis.

Gen5 Secure: Features for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Confirm and protect your results for GxP compliance

To meet GxP laboratory requirements Gen5 Secure offers features designed to meet 21 CFR Part 11 rules. Gen5 Secure is available for multi-mode and imaging application – all include: Built-in administration with no additional software required, multi-level user permissions, electronic signature and protocol and data audit trails with configurable alerts.

Powerful data analysis and flexible output options

Gather and analyze data from all BioTek microplate readers

Gen5 offers extensive data analysis tools for quantitative and qualitative analysis, including 4- and 5-parameter curve fits, EC/IC50 and Z’ calculations Data reduction transformations and customizable validation and cutoff calculations, are all easily defined within the protocol. Gen5 provides quick low volume results with the Take3 plates, and data from any screen is exportable to Excel® at the touch of a single button.


QC and Validation Tools

QC and Validation Tools

Gen5 is fully validated at BioTek, click here to see the certificate. A Validation Package is available, providing an efficient, step-by-step approach to facilitate your internal validation. The Gen5 Validation Package is compatible with BioTek’s microplate reader Product Qualification Packages (IQ/OQ/PQ). Gen5 IVD and Gen5 IVD Image+ have QC Trending capability, security features and validation protocols for convenience and efficiency.

Imaging: Methods and Processes

Explore, image and analyze intra-and inter-cellular activity

Gen5 offers powerful imaging methods and processing, including high speed imaging and image binning for fast kinetics, z-stacking and z-projections, montage capture and stitching, time-lapse movie making with automated image adjustment and much more. Several editions are available to meet your laboratory’s imaging requirements.

Explore, image and analyze intra-and inter-cellular activity

Gather and analyze data from all BioTek microplate readers

Captures high quality images from 1.25x to 100x with Lionheart FX, up to 60x with Cytation and Gen5. Combine multiple image acquisition steps and multi-mode detection steps to obtain and analyze both phenotypic and quantitative data. Image file from other programs can be imported and analyzed in Gen5.