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Gen5 Microplate Reader and Imager Software

From high magnification, intracellular image analysis to basic ELISA, Gen5 software helps transform raw data and images into meaningful results. Gen5 3.0 Software offers a unique combination of power and ease ­of ­use that drives productivity and saves time across all imaging and detection workflows.


Gen5 Software supports myriad applications, enabled using BioTek imaging & microscopy and detection instruments. From data and image capture through analysis to export of publication-ready data, Gen5 provides an easy, seamless workflow in an uncomplicated interface.

Imaging & Microscopy

  • Subcellular to whole organism image capture
  • Cell counting and subpopulation analysis
  • Z-stacking, montage stitching, time lapse imaging
  • Complete quantitative data analysis


  • Data capture from all BioTek multi-mode and absorbance readers
  • Assays in microplates, Petri and cell culture dishes and cuvettes
  • Qualitative and quantitative assays, endpoint, kinetic and
  • EC50 determinations, parallel line analysis, spectral analysis
  • Micro-volume direct nucleic acid analysis
Z-stacked 3D tumoroids
Z-stacked 3D tumoroids
Gen5 FRET assay analysis
Gen5 FRET assay analysis