product design

BioStack Microplate Stacker


De-lidding and re-lidding microplates with fast plate exchange times

BioStack 4

All BioStack models offer fast plate transfers to and from the integrated imager, multi-mode reader or liquid handling system. The new, patented BioStack 4 model offers efficient de-lidding and re-lidding of microplates for sensitive cell-based assays.

Fast plate transfers with BioStack Neo

BioStack Neo

BioStack Neo is specifically designed to integrate with Synergy Neo 2 for the fastest plate processing, facilitating high throughput requirements. BioStack Neo is a robust, compact system for up to 50 plates.

Convenient re-stacking for complete automation of endpoint and kinetic processes

Convenient re-stacking for complete automation of endpoint and kinetic processes

No need for excessive manual plate handling. BioStack is programmable to restack plates to the source stack, providing complete process automation even for long-term kinetic runs.

10, 30 and 50 plate removable, exchangeable stacks

Stacks are easily removed and replaced on the BioStack and moved between multiple BioStacks in the lab. 10 and 30 plates stacks are compact enough to fit within a biosafety enclosure, and 50 plate stacks provide high throughput, walkaway automation.

Super compact footprint saves bench space, and and can fit in biosafety enclosure


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