product design

BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator

Technical Details


Microplate types 6- to 1536-well standard height microplates, with or without lids.
Plate height range: 7.6 mm to 25.4 mm
Other labware supported Cell culture dishes (60 mm and 35 mm)
Lidded plate handling Robotic arm moves plate to and from BioSpa 8 and connected instrument; handles de-lidding and re-lidding plates.
Microplate capacity Up to 8 microplates (or other labware)
Air filter User-replaceable HEPA filter
Compatible instruments Cytation 7, Cytation 5, Cytation 1, Synergy Neo2, Synergy H1, Epoch 2, EL406, 405 TS, 405 LS, MultiFlo FX
Interfacing capacity 1 or 2 devices: Reader/imager only, washer/dispenser only, or both
Software BioSpa Automated Incubator Software:

Provides programming interface for BioTek detection and liquid handling devices
Allows user notification (text or email) of events and/or errors in the system
Provides control, monitoring and logging of:
  • CO2/O2
  • incubator temperature
  • Provides humidity level monitoring and logging
    Allows long-term uninterrupted runs
    CO2 and O2 control (option) Range: 0 - 20% (CO2); 1 - 19% (O2)
    Control Resolution: +0.1% (CO2 and O2)
    Stability: +0.2% at 5% CO2; +0.2% at 1% O2
    Temperature Control Range: to 45 °C
    Control resolution: 0.1 °C
    Uniformity: + 0.5 °C at 37 °C
    Humidity (option) rH: 80 to 95% (lidded plates and 5% CO2)
    Source: Removable water pan
    Water level sensor: Low water level alert
    Recommended Computer System Requirements
  • Intel Pentium P4 processor or compatible/ 1.33 GHz
  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Professional Editions  
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Designed for XGA Resolution 1080 x 860
  • 10 GB of available Hard Drive space
  • Keyboard and mouse; USB ports
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v 9.0 or higher (for online Help)
  • LHC™ v 2.19 or higher for washer or dispenser integration
  • Gen5 2.09 or higher for reader or imager integration
  • Physical Characteristics

    Weight < 85 lbs (39 kg) (without shipping components and an empty water pan)
    Dimensions With standard base pan extension: 29.5" L x 22" W x 19"H (75 cm x 55 cm x 48 cm)
    With fluidics base pan extension: 39" L x 22" W x 19" H (99 cm x 55 cm x 48 cm)


    Regulatory CE and TUV marked, RoHS compliant.