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Cell Count & Viability App


The Cell Count & Viability App is an efficient tool for automating mammalian cell counts, enabling rapid counts and producing high quality data. The App is a key component of the Cell Count & Viability Starter Kit, which is designed to help you get started with automated cell counting with your BioTek Cytation™ or Lionheart™ images.


green box  Higher quality data

Higher quality data  

Manual cell counting is tedious and prone to errors. Automating the cell counting process removes human error and increases data quality.

green box  Automatic % live/dead calculations

Automatic % live/dead calculation using trypan blue stain

The kit includes trypan blue stain to stain dead cells. Once stained and imaged, the software app automatically calculates the live/dead cell percentage.

green box  Built-in dilution calculator

Built-in Dilution Calculator facilitates downstream applications

The Cell Count & Viability App includes a calculator to automatically determine how much sample and media are required to reach a desired cell concentration, to facilitate downstream applications. 



Cell Count & Viability App is a simplified interface that enables rapid cell counts and analysis for up to 8 samples at a time. The Cell Count & Viability App and the Cell Count & Viability Kit are compatible with Lionheart FX and Cytation 5 equipped with phase contrast.