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Scratch Assay App


The Agilent BioTek Scratch Assay App offers a smooth, integrated workflow for kinetic image capture and powerful analysis of wound healing assays, performed with a BioTek Lionheart Automated Microscope or Cytation Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader. The Scratch Assay App and AutoScratch Wound Making Tool together automate cell migration and wound healing assays.




   Simple installation and implementation


The Scratch Assay App reduces the complexity of cell migrations and scratch wound healing assays into a simple click-through workflow. It automates plate setup, kinetic image capture and processing, image analysis and export of results, videos and graphs.


   Pre-defined protocols


Simply select a pre-defined protocol and customize to your assay requirements. The step-by-step programming is quick and efficient.

Pre-defined protocols

   Auto exposure and powerful image processing tools


Auto exposure optimizes image capture for all samples, and powerful processing tools like threshold and mask settings use the most relevant data for migration statistics.


   Automated statistics


After kinetic image capture, the Scratch Assay App automatically calculates migration and wound healing statistics

Automated digital microscopy to 100x


The Scratch Assay App offers a simple interface for cell migration assay workflows, from kinetic capture through complete analysis. Pre-defined protocols for 24- and 96-well plates are available, custom programming is quick and easy.