EL406 Washer Dispenser

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EL406 Washer Dispenser


The BioTek EL406 washer dispenser is a compact instrument offering fast, full plate washing along with three reagent dispensers. The EL406 capabilities include washing and dispensing for standard assays, plus biomagnetic separation and vacuum filtration protocols. The Dual-Action manifold optimizes washing for loosely adherent cell monolayers. The patented Ultrasonic Advantage prevents blockages in the manifold tubes before washing, to reduce assay failure. This modular plate washer dispenser offers flexibility with both syringe pump and peristaltic pump dispensers, along with plate washing, on a single platform.


Washing and multiple reagent dispensing


There’s no need for multiple instruments when you have an EL406 in the lab! The EL406 is microplate washer with peristaltic and syringe pump modules available to make it into an efficient multi-tasking system. For benchtop use or integrated into automated systems, the EL406 does the work of multiple instruments.

96-, 384- and 1536-well plate compatible


BioTek’s Dual-Action™ manifold quickly washes 96- and 384-well plates. For 1536 washing, unique aspirate and dispense manifolds rapidly dispense and aspirate across the plate. Wash speeds for the three plate types range from 13 seconds to 36 seconds, keeping all your processes efficient.



Gentle processing for cell-based assays


Cell-based assays can be challenging to wash - too often, cell monolayers are disrupted by vigorous dispensing or overly intense aspiration. The EL406 Dual-Action manifold and plate carrier have x-y-z adjustments, and flow rates are fully adjustable - to optimize parameters for even the most sensitive assays. Angled dispense tubes direct fluid flow to the well sides, further minimizing disruption.


Bead washing: magnetic and polystyrene


The EL406 is a powerhouse for many standard plate washing and dispensing protocols, but it also automates more complex operations like magnetic and polystyrene bead washing workflows – and it’s Luminex® xMap® approved. Bead washing is available for 96- and 384-well microplates.


Easy maintenance with Ultrasonic Advantage™


EL406 has a number of automated system maintenance features, including. BioTek’s Ultrasonic Advantage™. The dispense and aspirate tubes are immersed into the built-in ultrasonic bath in the priming trough while the automate cleaning program runs, dislodging and aspirating away salt crystal and protein buildup in the tubes.


Part #
1536-/ 384-/ 96-well 1536-/ 384-well 1536-well 384-/ 96-well 384-well 96-well 3 reagent disp. 2 reagent disp. 1 reagent disp.


EL406™ 1536-/384-/96-well Microplate Washer Dispenser Configurations
  Feature Design
P 1-Reagent Dispense Module –
1 Peristaltic Pump
  • Autoclavable
  • 8-tip (1 x 8) cassette
  • Sapphire jeweled, steel or plastic tips
S 2-Reagent Dispense Module –
2 Syringe Pumps
  • Autoclavable
  • 2 16-tube (1 x 16) manifolds
  • Steel tubes
SNA 2-Reagent Dispense Module –
2 Syringe Pumps
  • Non-autoclavable
  • 1 16-tube (2 x 8) manifolds - except with P/N 406SNA0-LB
  • Steel tubes
U Wash Module – Ultrasonic Advantage™  
B Wash Module – Automatic 4-Buffer Switching  
1 Wash Module – 384-/96-well microplate washing
2 Wash Module – faster 384-well microplate washing
  • Dual-Action™
  • 192-tube (16 x 12) manifold
  • Steel tubes
3 Wash Module – 384-/96-well microplate washing
  • Dual-Action™
  • Interchangeable 96-tube (384-/96- well washing) and 192-tube (faster 384-well washing) manifolds
  • Steel tubes
4 Wash Module – 96-well microplate washing
  • 96-tube (8 x 12) manifold
  • Steel tubes
SB Wash Module – 1536-well microplate washing and dispensing
  • 2 32-tube (1 x 32) dispense manifolds
  • Small bore, sapphire jeweled tubes
  • 128-tube (4 x 32) aspiration manifold
LB Wash Module – 1536-well microplate washing and dispensing
  • 2 32-tube (1 x 32) dispense manifolds
  • Large bore, steel tubes
  • 128-tube (4 x 32) aspiration manifold


Microplate types 96-, 384- and 1536-well
Low profile and standard height
Solid and filter bottom (option)
Onboard software Create, edit or run multiple protocols
Software (computer control) LHC2 Software
LHC2 Secure for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance (option)
SiLA Compliant driver (option)
Separation Biomagnetic separation, vacuum filtration (optional)
Shaking Programmable up to 60 minutes
Slow, medium, fast or variable
Soaking Programmable up to 60 minutes
Ultrasonic Advantage™ Standard on most configurations
Automation BioStack and 3rd party automation compatible
BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator compatible
BenchCel Microplate Handler compatible
Manifold types 96-well washing: 96-tube manifold - straight dispense tubes
96- and 384-well washing: 96-tube Dual-Action manifold - 20° angled dispense tubes
384-well washing (fast): 192-tube Dual-Action manifold - 7° angled dispense tubes
1536-well washing: Two 32-tube dispense manifolds - 7° angled dispense tubes
Volume range 3 - 3,000 µL/well in 1 µL increments
Wash cycles 1 - 250
Buffer/reagent selection Auto switching module for up to 4 buffers (option)
Supply bottle 4 L or 10 L (optional)
Dispense accuracy +3%
Dispense precision <3% CV (model dependent)
Residual volume <2 µL/well
Wash speed 96 wells, 300 µL/well, 96-tube manifold: 13 seconds
384 wells, 100 µL/well, 192-tube manifold: 17 seconds
1536 wells, 10 µL/wells, two 32-tube manifolds: 36 seconds
Flow rates High flow to low flow
Optimized rates for cell assays
Sterilization Chemical
Vacuum range for filtration Selectable: 0 to -380 mmHg (final at 30s)
Filtration time: 5 - 999 seconds
Dispensing - Peristaltic pump (Multi-Channel)
Manifold types 8-tip (1 x 8) cassette with plastic, 316 SS tubes or sapphire jeweled 316 SS tubes
Fluid delivery 1 peristaltic pump
Dispense speed 96 wells, 10 µL /well: 8 seconds
384 wells, 5 µL /well: 12 seconds
1536 wells, 1 µL /well: 27 seconds
Volume range 500 nL - 3,000 µL/well, selectable in 1 µL increments
Flow rates User programmable rates from high to low
Optimized rates for cell assays
Dispense performance 1 µL cassette:
Recommended Volume Range: 1 - 50 µL
Dispense Accuracy: +5% at 1 µL
Dispense Precision: <5% CV at 1 µL
<10% CV at 500 nL
Minimum Prime Volume: 1.20 mL
5 µL cassette:
Recommended Volume Range: 5 - 2,500 µL
Dispense Accuracy: +2.0% at 5 µL
Dispense Precision: <2.5% CV at 5 µL
Minimum Prime Volume: 4.23 mL
10 µL cassette:
Recommended Volume Range: 10 - 3,000 µL
Dispense Accuracy: +2.0% at 10 µL
Dispense Precision: <2.0% CV at 10 µL
Minimum Prime Volume: 7.36 mL
Recommended cassette replacement interval 1 µL Cassette: 1,000 384-well microplates at 5 µL well
5 µL Cassette: 1,000 96-well microplates at 50 µL well
10 µL Cassette: 1,000 96-well microplates at 100 µL well
Sterilization Autoclave, chemical
Dispensing - Syringe pump
Manifold types 96-well dispensing:
One 16-tube (2 x 8) manifold - 316 SS tubes
96-/384-well dispensing:
Two 16-tube (1 x 16) manifolds - 316 SS tubes
1536-well dispensing:
Two 32-tube (1 x 32) manifolds - sapphire jeweled 316 SS or 316 stainless steel tubes
Fluid delivery Two positive displacement syringe drives
Dispense speed 20 µL /well, 96 wells, 1 x 16 tubes: 5.25 seconds
20 µL /well, 384 wells, 1 x 16 tubes: 14 seconds
3 µL /well 1536 wells, 2 x 32 tubes: 7 seconds
Volume range 3 - 3,000 µL/well, selectable in 1 µL increments
Minimum Prime Volume: 12 mL
Flow rates User programmable rates from high to low
Dispense accuracy +1 µL at 5 µL
+1 µL at 20 µL
+1% at 100 µL
Dispense precision <5% CV at 5 µL
<2.5% CV at 20 µL
<1% CV at 100 µL
Supply bottle 1 L or 2 L
Sterilization Chemical, autoclavable option
Physical Characteristics
Power 100 - 240 Volts AC. 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 16.5" W x 18" D x 12.5" H (42 x 46 x 32 cm)
Weight 32 lbs (14.5 kg)
Regulatory CE and TUV marked. ROHS compliant. In Vitro Diagnostic use models are available.