Peltier Cooling Module

The Peltier Cooling Module for the Agilent BioTek Cytation 5 and Agilent BioTek Cytation 1 cell imaging multimode readers helps maintain temperature stability inside the reading chamber, regardless of changes in ambient (room) temperature and heat produced by electro-mechanical operations within the reader.

                Peltier Cooling Module & Cytation
Figure 1. The compact Peltier Cooling Module attaches easily to Cytation’s rear case.


Instrument without Peltier Cooling Module:

Instrument without Peltier Cooling Module

The instrument’s interior temperature (red) follows ambient room temperature (green). It is also significantly warmer than ambient temperature because of heat produced by the instrument. This can result in assay data variation through the day, or drifts for kinetic assays run at ambient temperature.

Instrument with Peltier Cooling Module:

Instrument with Peltier Cooling Module:

The instrument’s interior temperature (blue) is stabilized which results in more consistent assay data, and higher quality room temperature kinetic data.



Benefits of the Peltier Cooling Module for Cytation:

  • Helps maintain the instrument’s internal ambient temperature stability, with less than 1 °C rise over external ambient, enabling more consistent results
  • Quickly reduces internal temperature following incubated assays up to 3x faster, to allow both incubated and ambient assays to be run more efficiently in multi-user environments.

Peltier Cooling Module is available for: