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LogPhase 600Microbiology Reader

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The BioTek LogPhase 600 microbiology reader is designed for measuring microbial growth curves in up to four standard 96-well microplates. This microbiology plate reader features purpose-built robust shaking and consistent temperature controls, which are critical to optimal bacteria and yeast cell growth. LogPhase 600 is controlled with a software application that provides a simple, yet powerful, user experience. The software controls the reader to acquire data and perform microbiology-focused analysis for all plates.


RED BOX  Four microplate capacity

Only 4-plate microplate reader on the market
The LogPhase 600 allows users to read up to four microplates in a single run. You no longer need multiple instruments, multiple PCs, and a vast amount of bench space for your microbial growth assays.

RED BOX  Keep your cells in suspension for optimal growth

Keep your cells in solution for optimal growth
The shaking mechanism in LogPhase 600 is specifically designed for microbial growth assays; its robust and superior shaking ensures that your cells will not settle, even during long-term kinetic assays.

RED BOX  Optimized incubation

Condensation and evaporation control
Consistent temperature control is essential to successful microbial growth assays. Incubation in the LogPhase 600 is controlled by several sensors to ensure even heating throughout, without edge effect or evaporation. Incubation can be inconsistent in some microplate readers (1). LogPhase 600 ensures consistent inter- and intra-plate heating (2).

RED BOX  Condensation Control

Consistent growth conditions = consistent data
Condensation Control sets a temperature gradient from top to bottom to prevent condensation on the sealed plates that can cause light scatter and reading artifacts. (1) Condensation on plate seals can cause inaccurate and inconsistent measurements. (2) Condensation Control in the LogPhase 600 prevents condensation, enabling consistent data collection throughout the kinetic run.

RED BOX  Consistent growth conditions = consistent data

Easy to use and powerful targeted app
Optimized shaking, temperature, and condensation control provide consistent, robust kinetic growth data amongst replicates and between varying test samples. 

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